A Spar Day

Happy New Year and welcome back if this is your first visit of 2012.

I for one am really looking forward to a year when we’re going to step it up a gear and add film and video to the list of services that can be provided by James Heming Photography. As a potential client, this is such an exciting time for you. You can now get both your stills and your video from one place. More and more customers in advertising and corporate areas are requesting this. And it makes perfect sense to have the person you trust dealing in both areas and saves you a considerable amount of your budget. We already have a number of projects in the pipeline both big and small so if you would like to hear what we could do for you,
please do get in touch.

Here is a short promotional video commissioned recently to help win this fantastic store an award. Instead of just submitting the entry form and a few photos, Spar had the vision to make it come alive with a film story of what they do.

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